Top 5 Travel Companies In The World By Sales

Top 5 Travel Companies In The World By Sales

Choosing a travel company is the easiest way to ensure that you will have an outstanding trip. These companies will manage all the processes from buying airline tickets, exploring your destination, and getting back home safely. However, reading the Collected.Reviews of these companies are the only way to find which of them will suit your needs. Have or ever traveled or want to travel soon, but want to find out what travel companies make the most sales worldwide? Keep reading if the answer is “yes.”

American Express Global Business Travel

You might already know about “American Express,” well, this travel company is under the 50% ownership rights of American Express. Being a daughter company of such a huge finance company has enabled it to generate fantastic travel business sales. This company is famous for outstanding travel packages to organizations for corporate trips. Their business travel management focus has helped them to become one of the fastest-growing travel companies. Read the reviews to find out why corporates love traveling with these companies.

BCD Travel

BCD Travel is the daughter company of BCD Group. Operating in the Netherlands, BCD Travel is famous for its focus oncorporate travel management. This company provides outstanding travel management and makes it easier for their customers to choose travel destinations by holding meetings and special events. Founded in 2006, this company is continuously on the rise and can expand its customer base in the future.


Expedia Group is known for generating huge sales in the travel business. Based out of the United States, this company provides online travel bookings to individuals and small businesses. Technically speaking, Expedia is a metasearch enginethat enables you to book flights and fulfill your travel needs by using their online tools. You can visit their websites to find excellent flight plans and travel destinations. Expedia Group has created many helpful travel guides and websites to make their business more lucrative for customers.


Booking Holdings Inc is similar to the Expedia group in many ways. Bookings also holds many unique travel aggregator websites that make it extremely easy for travelers to meet their travel needs. Their website ranks on the internet against nearly every search query, enabling them to increase sales over time. The great thing about Booking holdings is that it has generated most of its business outside the US market, allowing it to rightfully earn the title of a “Global” travel agency.


Carlson Wagonlit Travel, or commonly known as CWT, is a flagship travel company that focuses on the needs of corporations. Their operations include managing events, holding exhibitions, and planning travel for their clients. This company’s primary focus to provide B2B travel consultation has enabled them to gain huge success.


Remember that a huge travel company might not be the best option for you because it has generated more sales. Think about your specific needs and shop around to find the best travel plan for yourself. Happy Traveling!