5 Things to Do in DC This Spring

5 Things to Do in DC This Spring

Spring is here, so start planning your schedule of outdoor activities for the season. There are plenty of ways to keep your family entertained while soaking up the sunshine and warm weather in DC this spring. DC offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the season, so start packing up those winter coats and sweaters and get out and enjoy the best DC has to offer this spring.

1. Take in a ball game

What is more perfect than a warm spring evening outside at the ballpark? This year the Nationals opening night is April 13th. Pack up the kids and head down to Yards Park for an evening under the lights. Tickets for the 2012 season are on sale now.

2. Visit the famous Cherry Blossoms

Talk a walk around the tidal basin while enjoying the famous DC Cherry Blossoms this spring. The blossoms will be in season from March 20 to April 27. Plan your trip for a weeknight to avoid the crowds. Be sure to bring your camera because you’ll also witness a beautiful sunset over the tidal basin framed by the blossoms. It’s a perfect activity for those budding photographers out there.

3. Dine aboard the Odyssey

See the city from a different perspective as you glide along the Potomac River while dining on appetizers and entrees prepared fresh onboard daily by an executive chef. Dance to live music or sit back and enjoy the view while the monuments pass by your table. Cruises are available …

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5 Watery Outdoor Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

5 Watery Outdoor Activities For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Keeping your young children cool and occupied during the summer is so easy. Take one (or more) littlies, add water, and a whole lot of fun – that equals hours of enjoyment. Although a small paddling pool is ideal, a large plastic tub works just as well. While away on holiday one year, we improvised with a recycling bin lined with the plastic mat we put on the floor under the children’s table!

Here are 5 easy activity ideas to do with your toddlers and preschoolers:

1. Water Painting

You will need: Paintbrush and a bucket of water

Many parents are not keen on doing a painting with their kids because of the mess. A clean, fun alternative is for them to use a paintbrush and water outside. They can paint water pictures onto any flat surface or use the brush and water to clean their bike or toys. Use the type of paintbrush you would use for painting furniture.

2. Floating and Sinking

You will need: a tub or bucket of water, a selection of items, eg. a shell, a pebble, a leaf, a flower, a plastic container, a sponge, a plastic block

This is a great learning activity. Give your child a range of items to experiment with to see if they float or sink in the tub of water. Then let them choose some items for themselves.

3. Mixing it up

You will need: Plastic containers, cold water, warm water, and everyday powders like flour, cocoa, sugar, …

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