Tips for Buying a Beautiful Wedding Gown

When planning your wedding, it is important that you begin ordering things sooner, rather than later; especially your wedding gown. Never wait until the last minute to shop for your wedding dress – this will help you to avoid many frustrations. Follow these simple tips to ensure that you are in your wedding dress for the “big day”:

  • You will first need to decide what type of wedding gown you would like to purchase. If you are new to the world of wedding dress designers and styles, buy some bridal magazines or surf the net for bridal gown websites. There you will find many new trends for that year and previous years. Are you looking for something trendy, unique or simple? These questions will help you to narrow down your search. You can also attend bridal showers and go to local wedding gown shops to see what’s out there.
  • Once you know what type of dress you want, you will need to find out who sells them. You will begin the process of calling around to different bridal shops in your town. Hopefully, you will be able to find somewhere close, if not, you can always have it shipped to you. If you are looking to have a custom designed gown, you will need to find shops or designers that offer this service near you and within your budget. It is important that you get fitted, so that you know what numbers to give to the out-of-state bridal gown shop. You will also need these numbers for the custom designer, if you decide to go with this choice.
  • If you find the dress you want, but it isn’t in your size, see if the shop can have it tailor-made for you. Extra charges will be made, but it is worth it, right?
  • If you are wary about ordering a gown from out-of-state, see if a local shop can have it specially ordered for you. Having them measure you will ensure that the gown will be a perfect fit.
  • Take your time when shopping for your dress. Try not to do everything in one day. Instead, space out your window-shopping over a couple days or weeks. This will help you to soak in everything that you have seen. This also gives you the chance to browse around and make a thorough decision. It is very frustrating to buy something only to find it even better somewhere else!
  • Hire a wedding planner to help you with this if you are really having issues with making decisions. Or you can take along your bridesmaids to help you look around.
  • There are various places you can buy a wedding gown: warehouses, bridal shops, online discount stores and many others.
  • Avoid being scammed! You will be given a sales contract, so make sure to read it thoroughly. Some require you to put 1/3 or ½ of the money down upfront. Be cautious by keeping all receipts.

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