Activities and Adventures on South Padre Island, Texas – Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Activities and Adventures on South Padre Island, Texas - Stand-Up-Paddle Surfing


South Padre Island, Texas is often a fantastic spot for stand-up-paddle surfing. About the Island are several sheltered flatwater locations for cruising and site seeing, as well because of the most and finest waves within the Gulf of Mexico, all just minutes aside from each other.

Mastering Stand-Up-Paddle surf is super fun and uncomplicated so anyone can do it, along with the possibilities for enhancing and challenging yourself with new expertise and higher efficiency riding are endless.

Right here are some well-known spots about South Padre Island to SUP


Ocean Beaches

The whole 30-mile coastline of South Padre Island is open to Stand-Up-Paddling. Generally, SUPing in the waves is difficult, and for knowledgeable paddlers, but on calm days the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are also enjoyable for beginners. Dolphins, turtles, and fish of all kinds are likely to be observed on any offered session, as well as the wave riding varies from tiny and entertaining to severe based on the size of the swell. Tiny sheltered waves to study on can typically be identified subsequent towards the South Padre Island Getty, in Isla Blanca Park on the Southern tip of your Island.


You can find a few networks of canals on the Bay Side from the Island, great for obtaining a site seeing session, practicing your abilities, or finding out for the very first time. The canals are wind-sheltered and offer flat water. A single good canal system is accessed at Air Padre Kiteboarding and Watersports boat ramp, subsequent for the shop on Gulf Blvd.

Laguna Madre Bay

The Laguna Madre is the big shallow water bay that separates South Padre Island from mainland Texas, and waters are good for Stand-Up-Paddle surfing on calm days. There is certainly by no means a great deal chop around the Bay, the water waist to chest deep, and frequently presents a clear view of the seagrass bottom filled with fish, rays, crabs, turtles, and also other wildlife. Their dozens of great places to access the Bay.


Positioned around the South end of South Padre Island, the KOA campground has a boat ramp and docks to access the water, also as an awesome restaurant and pier. SUPers can explore around the pair, too because of the Queen Isabella Causeway, which is the bridge connecting South Padre towards the mainland.

Convention Center

Just North of the South Padre Island Convention Center, positioned on the North end of the Island, could be the Convention Center Beach. SUPers can drive ideal up to the water’s edge on the hardpacked beach, and head into the water from there. The Northside with the Convention Center Beach accesses a series of so far developed canals which wind about islands and opening into lagoons and secret beaches that are terrific for exploring, even though the Southside of the Convention Center Beach is just a short paddle from the SPI Birding and Nature Center.

Lessons and Rentals


Learning to SUP is fun and easy, as well as an experienced instructor can show you the moves and paddling approaches to assist you to master fundamental Stand-Up-Paddle surfing via sophisticated wave riding approaches. Hook up with terrific instructors at Air Padre Kiteboarding and Watersports,


Stand-Up-Paddle surfboards are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Acquiring the ideal board for you is finest accomplished by trying some, and talking with experts. Air Padre Kiteboarding includes a wide array of rental boards to select from for both surf and flatwater cruising.