A Pink Limo for My Daughter

When my daughter was younger, she told me she wanted to have a pink car when she grew up. She also told me she wants a pink house and a pink poodle, but I figured she would outgrow her fascination with pink. While she does have a red car and lives in a brick apartment building, she still loves the color pink. She got engaged a few weeks ago, and they are planning on getting married in just a few months. I went to http://paradisetorontolimo.ca so I could look at the limos that they have, and I was so excited to see a pink stretch limo.

I had no idea they even came in pink, but I knew that my daughter would absolutely love it. They are having a small wedding at our church and then a bigger reception at a local banquet hall. She is having a medium size bridal party, where there will be 12 in total, including her and her fiance. I was happy to see that the pink limo would hold up to 16 people. I was even able to have a look at what the inside looks like, and I was impressed.

Though it will hold four more people than what is in her wedding party, I decided that it would be just for them. If they wanted anyone in there with them, then that would be their decision. There is a bar along one side, so they would be able to toast their new marriage with the friends and family who would be with them. I have not told her yet that we are doing this for her, but her fiance does know so they don’t make alternative arrangements. I am really hoping she doesn’t find out until she walks out of the church a married woman!