E Cigs And Vaping Stores


E-cigs or vaping is turning into big business. They have hit the stock market and you can invest in one of the hottest trends right now. According to US Market Buzz Media Group.

They said in their articles:

“E-cigs are selling very highly because of a court decision and a lack of regulation by the government. As a result, the e-cig market is overtaking the tobacco market according to statistics. The vape boom has been credited to many factors. Here are just two of them: firstly, the restriction of cigarettes in various places inclines people to buy e-cigs. Secondly, health insurance companies are encouraging that people with smoking habits try to use e-cigs as less unhealthy surrogates. Some stores generate over $1.3 million annually. In 2013, over $1 billion in vape equipment and products were sold.”

Read the rest here: www.usmarketbuzz.com/best-vaporizer-stocks-to-buy-in-2015-wee-cig-international-corp-otcmktswcig-vape-holdings-inc-otcmktsvape-lorillard-llc-nyselo-altria-group-inc-nysemo-3248


Online vaping stores are big business also. Just look at all the brands on the market right now. Some of the top brands according to Punk Views On Social Media are:

“Vape World carries such name brands as Summit, Volcano, Pax, QuikDraw, Davinci, 7th Floor and many others. There are tons of accessories available on their site to use with your vaporizers such as vaporizer cases, storage containers, cleaners, grinders, and presses is a small selection of accessories they offer on their website.”

6 Features You Want For Vaping

For vapors that would like to express their individuality can choose from all kinds of colors, designs and sizes. You can even find companies that offer e-cigars and cool looking pipes.

Things To Consider:

1. Nicotine: You will find all kinds of cartridges all kinds of nicotine strengths. You can choose from high, medium, low and zero nicotine. So if you are looking to quit nicotine all together you cut down on the levels of nicotine until you are completely off of it.

2. Color of the LED: You will be able to choose a green or blue LED. So who cares? If you don’t want attention from people and other smokers get red because it looks a lot more realistic.


3. Vapor volume: How much vapor off of one puff is a big deal for a lot of smokers. Truth is, more volume equals a more satisfactory and realistic smoking experience for you.

4. Atomizer: The biggest problem with atomizer’s is always getting clogged. The best choice is a two-piece model where the nicotine cartridge and atomizer are one unit, you also get a fresh atomizer when you change your cartridge.

5. Battery: You want to get a battery that will last for a whole day or you will be sorry. Don’t forget to buy a battery charger for your car so you can charge on the go.

6. Flavors: You will find most all companies offer you a very wide choice of flavors that include vanilla, chocolate, coffee, fruit flavors and many, many others.

A Vaping Van

What a great idea! you see all these food trucks around your city selling everything from pizza to mac & cheese, now you can stop and have a puff inside a vape van.

Watch This Vape Van Video

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China And Vaping


China is trying to deal with tobacco and its health risks, many Chinese people are looking to vapes and e-cigarettes break their addiction. E-cigarettes are becoming a more fashionable choice there as all over the world.

China’s e-cig and vaping trend is growing and and Big Brother is starting to crack down there. Dr. Margaret Chan recommends that they be banned.

Sally Satel a Forbes contributor said:

“On a global scale, the World Health Organization is Big Brother. Dr. Margaret Chan, the WHO’s director-general, is a confirmed skeptic. As she told China Daily last week– “I recommend that national governments ban, or at least regulate, them,” she said. (Elsewhere, Dr. Chan has opined that e-cigarettes should be regulated the same way cigarettes are regulated– even though they are not remotely equivalent in terms of harm.)”

READ WHOLE STORY: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sallysatel/2015/10/21/keep-vaping-china-dont-listen-to-the-world-health-organization-on-e-cigarettes/