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I Was Able to Go to New York City

When my husband asked me if I would like to go to New York City, I thought he was joking at first. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to go there for several days to watch a couple of Broadway shows and to go shopping. My aunt used to go there when she was still alive, and I fell in love with the stories she had told me about this gorgeous city. My husband told me that he had looked up some information and found out that all we needed was an ESTA USA application to travel to America.

I did not even know what ESTA meant, and he told me it just means Electronic System for Travel Authorization.… Read More

Making Family Memories in Tuscany

My wife has always wanted to go to Italy, but she was afraid of flying. That did present a problem, since neither of us were interested in taking a boat to get there! We were married for about 14 years when she finally agreed to go on a short business trip with me, and that is what broke her fear of flying. It took another two years before I was able to go to the Cuvee website and look at their Italian villa rentals, mainly because of time factors. I wanted to be able to enjoy our time there without having to be on the phone or computer half the day with work projects.… Read More

A Pink Limo for My Daughter

When my daughter was younger, she told me she wanted to have a pink car when she grew up. She also told me she wants a pink house and a pink poodle, but I figured she would outgrow her fascination with pink. While she does have a red car and lives in a brick apartment building, she still loves the color pink. She got engaged a few weeks ago, and they are planning on getting married in just a few months. I went to so I could look at the limos that they have, and I was so excited to see a pink stretch limo.

I had no idea they even came in pink, but I knew that my daughter would absolutely love it.… Read More

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